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I predict a riot

Over in Belfast for two days of enrolment, admin and consideration as a lodger. As a result of a rather unkempt haircut I also now have a student ID with a photo that will haunt me for years to come. Better that than a criminal record, however, which looks set to be haunting a number of Belfast students after the usual descent of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the Holyland into a drunken riot.
Killing time before my flight back to Glasgow and under the dreamiest of blue skies, I crossed the Lagan and went to take in the sight of a monstrous apartment complex to which I contributed many hours and not that much good design. It being under construction, I wasn’t able to see whether the 55 square metre studio apartments still had any mark of my hand, nor whether my anyone had managed to resolve the problem of getting enough car parking spaces under the buildings and between the radially arranged structural columns.
Back in town at the end of the month for my first supervisions, and hoping for similarly delightful weather. If not, I will at least be in town for some of the usually excellent Belfast Film Festival.

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