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The IYO revisited – part one


In 2006 I took part in a live project at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. Over a period of six weeks (the time given for these projects at the start of the fifth and sixth years in the Master of Architecture course) our project group initiated an investigation into live projects and alternative practice; specifically where live projects and alternative practice overlapped. Initially christened the Live Project Live Project, the group took on the name Inconspicuous Yellow Office, and concluded the project with the publication of the limited run zine.

On the back page was a statement of beliefs, namely our multiple definitions of what made live projects live projects. Here is that statement:

IYO thinks…

Live Project clients should be made aware of the potential of the Live Projects

Live Projects are an opportunity to take risks

Live Projects overlap with alternative practice

All Live Projects should not know where they are going

All Live Projects should challenge their brief

Live Projects should be political – that is the only way to be critical

Live Projects should be critical – that is the only way to be political

Live Projects should have an active dialogue throughout the course of the project

All Live Projects should not be marked by traditional means

Live Projects should be something that typical projects do

Live Projects have the possibility to be student and other led

Live Projects should value failure within the live project

Live Projects should empower all participants

Live Projects should be alternative learning experiences

Live Projects should offer a shared learning experience

Live Projects should give ‘student academic license’

Live Projects should create opportunities for action with the profession, the city and the school

Live Projects should progress beyond the six week academic framework

Live Projects should test and promote the social roles that architects can take on

Live Projects should be something that could not be done by typical Practices

I’ve uploaded the PDF version of the zine to this blog. You can download it here. The original IYO blog remains online: http://liveproject.wordpress.com/


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