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This weekend, I will be reading:

Welcome to the inaugural instalment of a new weekly feature on the learning architecture blog. In order to structure my reading schedule a little bit I’ll be posting a photograph of my bedside shelf each Friday or Saturday, illustrating what I’ll be leafing, rifling or meandering through over the weekend.
For the Easter weekend (and it’s a holiday weekend, so I’m including Monday to tackle more books than usual) I’ve been re-visiting two books and discovering two more. Giancarlo de Carlo’s 1969 paper Architecture’s Public (or Architecture, too important to be left to architects?) is the core focus of a second and enjoyable visit to the Architecture and Participation volume edited by some of my former tutors at the University of Sheffield. I’m noticing some very interesting connections between that paper and Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
From left to right on the shelf:
BLUNDELL JONES, P., PETRESCU, D. and TILL, J., eds, 2005. Architecture and participation. London: Spon.
CUFF, D., 1991. Architecture : the story of practice. Cambridge MA: MIT Press.
FISHER, T., 2008. Architectural design and ethics. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science.
FREIRE, P., 1996. Pedagogy of the oppressed. Revised edition edn. London: Hammondsworth Penguin.

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