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June 2009: a month in books

I’m getting to the habit of collating the books, articles and journals I’ve been reading over the month prior to each supervision. So, in advance of meeting and reflecting on this month’s work later this week, here is a broad sweep of what I’ve been studying, reading or dipping in and out of over the last month.

* = only partially read
** = part of an as-yet-unrelated-to-my-studies strand of reading on modernism…

  • ** BOUDON, P., 1973. Lived-in architecture. London: Lund Humphries
  • DEWEY, J., 1963. Experience & Education. New York: Collier Books.
  • GOLDSCHMIDT, G., 1995. The designer as a team of one. Design Studies, 16(2), pp. 189-209.
  • HATHERLEY, O., 2009. Militant Modernism. Winchester: Zero Books.
  • * / ** HIGGOTT, A., 2007. Mediating Modernism. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • ILLICH, I., 1973. Celbration of Awareness. London: Penguin.
  • JONES, J.C., 1992. Design Methods. 2nd edn. New York: John Wiley.
  • JONES, J.C., 1991. Designing Designing. London: Architecture Design and Technology Press.
  • JONES, J.C., 1963. A Method of Systematic Design. In: J.C. JONES and D.G. THORNLEY, eds, Conference on Design Methods. 1st edn. Oxford: Pergamon Press, pp. 53-73.
  • * JONES, J.C. and THORNLEY, D.G., eds, 1963. Conference on Design Methods 1st edn. Oxford: Pergamon Press.
  • KIM, J., 2006. Exploring social construction in architectural pedagogy. Open House International, 31(3), pp. 51-59.
  • KOLB, D.A., 1984. Experiential learning : experience as the source of learning and development. 1st edn. London: Prentice-Hall.
  • LAVE, J., 1991. Situated learning : legitimate peripheral participation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • LIFCHEZ, R., ed, 1987. Rethinking architecture : design students and physically disabled people. 1st edn. Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • LLOYD, P. and SCOTT, P., 1994. Discovering the design problem. Design Studies, 15(2), pp. 125-140.
  • * PAECHTER, C., PREEDY, M., SCOTT, D. and SOLER, J., eds, 2001. Knowledge, Power and Learning. 1st edn. London: P. Chapman in association with Open University.
  • * SIMPSON, D.J., JACKSON, M.J.B. and AYCOCK, J.C., eds, 2005. John Dewey and the Art of Teaching. 1st edn. London: Sage.
  • THOMAS MITCHELL, C., 1995. Action, perception, and the realization of design. Design Studies, 16(1), pp. 4-28.

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