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RIBA launches scheme to pair unemployed graduates with spare desks

During a seminar hosted by the Academy of Urbanism in Dublin a few months ago, I heard of a proposal from Irish architecture academics to help architecture graduates facing a bleak job market. With little work available, and an increasing amount of unoccupied desk space in the offices of architecture practices, the proposal was to pair unemployed students and graduates with firms so that they could use spare desks and work around architects on their own portfolios, competition entries etc.

I thuoght it was a good idea, although when I proposed it to a practising architect he reminded me of the various insurance and legal obligations, not to mention the risks in allowing a portfolio-printing graduate near the stationery cupboard. However, I still support the idea in principle. And so, it seems, does the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This just in, details from the latest ‘RIBA Focus’ e-bulletin, announcing a British version of that proposal, this time with a trendy name that conflates two words in the modern style…

HostPractice Scheme

The RIBA has launched a scheme to help students and graduates who are unable to find suitable work placements in the current economic climate. The “HostPractice” scheme enables RIBA student members and graduates to gain access to an online network of practices and universities interested in hosting students in their offices. These students will have the opportunity to use the practice’s facilities to work on competition entries, private commissions and research, as well as being offered an overview of practice activities.

The scheme also intends to introduce graduates to universities that have identified suitable research projects related to the practice of architecture, with the potential for offering fellowships to suitable candidates. This research may be eligible for recording on the PEDR as post part 1 practical experience.

The database and online application service can be found at http://www.architecture.com. Practices and universities can register their interest in the scheme by emailing online.services@inst.riba.org


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