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Another weekend, some time, I will be reading…

I live quite close to a bookstore branch of a famous charity. I don’t often drop in, because said charity has a habit of marking up their second hand stock to a point that seems to negate the pleasure and value of taking the time to search through the shelves. I also smart a little every time I visit, because on the one occasion (during my extended winter of unemployment) I went in to volunteer some time, I was subjected to one of the rudest customer service encounters I can recall in this city. I did not persist in my efforts to help them out.

However, today’s visit produced two great little finds. A 1985 copy of MATRIX’s Making Space – Women and the Man Made Environment and a revised edition of John Summerson’s The Classical Language of Architecture. One was worth the £1.99 price tag, the other was not, but one absolute bargain subsidised the other less spectacular purchase. Together, and perhaps more entertainingly, they make a  appealing demonstration of the opposite ends of the gendered spectrum of architectural writing. I am nothing, if not balanced…

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