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Feedback on your ‘learning architecture’ blog

This landed with an awkward thud in my inbox earlier this week. Having gradually and involuntarily slowed my online output to a torrid sludge of occasional posts over the last few months, the words “I feel very happy to see such a well maintained blog” did at least raise a weak smile. I couldn’t push it to the spam folder without sharing it, although to spare the indignity of the journalists, writers and critics who together work so hard on [ design magazine ] – a publication I used to read regularly and which I respect somewhat, I’ve anonymised this strange attempt to drum up clicks.

Subject: Feedback on your ‘learning architecture’ blog
From: Thomas
Sent: 28 May 2010 11:21
To: James Benedict Browm

Dear James Benedict Brown,

It was fantastic going through your ‘learning architecture’ blog. I found your blog while searching internet for architecture and design related blogs and enjoyed going through your blog. I am very much impressed with your blog posts. As I work in architecture and design industry, I feel very happy to see such a well maintained blog. Keep updating…

I also see a good list of architecture related websites in your blogroll. They are really helpful. While browsing through the list, I thought of asking you whether [ design magazine ] , a leading architecture and design magazine can find an inclusion in the list.

I request you to review [ design magazine ] and consider adding it to the list if you really like our publication. Please access [ design magazine ] at http://www._________.co.uk/

Kindly, do let me know your feedback at thomas@_________.co.uk

Best Regards,
[ design magazine ]
London, EC4

Note to any click-seeking publicists: if you want to flatter my (admittedly insecure) academic ego, I’d appreciate you flattering specific bits of it, rather than just its general online existence…


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