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Scotland’s Housing Expo

I made the trip up to Inverness last week on behalf of BD to visit Scotland’s Housing Expo, located just outside the city in Milton of Leys. As you can see from the photo above, there were still some finishing touches to be made, but it was still an incredible sight to see fifty-something homes by twenty-something Scottish architects (mostly) delivered on time. You can read my thoughts in this week’s BD (clicky clicky), but if you have any interest in the state of Scottish architecture and design I suggest you head north at the earliest opportunity. If Scotland is to have any chance of enjoying another such event, this one needs as many visitors through the turnstile as it can get, especially as the target of 30,000 visitors over the month that it’s open seems somewhat optimistic.

The Expo is, if nothing else, a unique opportunity to see so many practices’ work side by side; some good, some bad. Unlike some in the press, I see no point in being churlish about the all the setbacks faced by the Expo in the last few years. But, faced with a strict 1200 word count for BD, I did take the executive decision not to waste readers time describing the buildings I really didn’t like.

The Expo is open daily until the end of August, when the houses will be put on the market for sale or rent.


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