learning architecture


a PhD in live projects and architectural education


Updated: 15 February 2013.


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Journal Articles

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Book chapters

Brown, J.B., Arnold-Forster, M., in press 2012. ‘We want to make really good buildings and we just happen to be on the edge’ in Morrow, R., Abdelmonem, M. G. (eds) Peripheries. Abingdon: Routledge.

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Conference proceedings 

Brown, J.B., 2013 (in preparation). The live project: learning how to design by learning how to know. Critical explorations of new research into the live project in architectural education. Paper to be delivered to the Knowing (by) Designing Conference, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels.

Brown, J.B., 2013 (in preparation). “An output of value” – exploring the role of the live project as a pedagogical, social and cultural bureau de change. Paper to be delivered to (UN)Common Currency, the inaugural conference of the Association of Architectural Educators, Nottingham Trent University.

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Brown, J.B., Morrow, R., 2009. Be Bold and Proceed: Fifty Years of Live Projects in British Architectural Education. Paper delivered to AHRA Student Symposium: Welsh School of Architecture.

Other publications

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